The emergency notification system at Minnesota State Community and Technical College alerts students and employees to campus-related emergencies via cell phone or email.

Please note that you must click “Sign Me Up!” if you have not previously logged in. Log in here to register for this free service or to update your information.
**When signing up for this free service, please enter your MnSCU-issued StarID when you are asked to provide an identification code.**

Minnesota State collects your personal contact data to enroll you in the Star Alert Notification System.  Minnesota State will use this data to provide you with Star Alert Notifications and administer the Star Alert Notification System.  You are not legally required to provide your personal contact data, but if you do not, this would limit our ability to send you Star Alert Notifications.  Minnesota State’s employees who administer the Star Alert Notification System will have access to this data, as will other Minnesota State employees with a business need to access this data.